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Marbell Personal Trainer Shares 3 Best Bodybuilding Tips

Other bench press versions

The exercise can also be performed for developing the chest, by benching to the neck, doing a wide grip dip with inverted grip and dumbbell flyes. According to this well known Marbella trainer, standard presses are about 90% for front deltoid. The process develops the lower pecs not totally in proportion compared to upper pecs. You can view images here

marbella personal trainer

The right way would involve bench presses for the neck, a wide grip dip, cable flyes and dumbbell flyes. This could explain why at least 50 pct of personal trainers at Spanish health retreats say their clients do not benefit from bench pressing pec growth simply because they have not learnt the right technique.

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Making it easy

Keep in mind that to get muscle growth the blood flow needs to be increased to each muscle group. This can be achieved by pumps that are rock hard. If the muscle pumps well, it will grow well. If the muscle pumps less, the growth will also be affected. So you will find that your best muscle groups are those that are pumping the best and vice versa for the more poorly muscle groups.

Form is important

Because doing bench presses appears to be an easy workout, many people do not use the correct form. If your intention is to acquire good wide pectoral development you need to ensure that both the front deltoids and the lower pecs get proper stimulation. If only the lower pecs are stimulated, their development is more and their proportion is not in sync with the body’s upper pecs.